Partially invoice facility

Are there any option to generate invoices partially i need to create three invoices for one sale order
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You need to be more specific. The most basic answer is that you can generate a sales invoice for anything you want, including only a portion of a job or order. If you copy a sales order to a sales invoice, everything on it can be edited. And you can copy it as many times as you want.

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@Tut i have the same question in which i think is what @charithpla meant to say.

As usual business, I issue 1 sales invoice for all clients but some clients often request a “part-payment invoice” when they have to pay part of the invoice amount, lets say 50% advance payment.

Keep it in mind that these customers wants an Invoice and they do not accept a Sales Order to process the initial payment.

I have researched and it looks like sub-invoice or part-invoice from “a master” Invoice it is not possible in Manager, is this correct? if so, is there any advice to go around this in Manager?

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You are correct. There are no master or sub-invoices in Manager. You have two choices:

  1. Issue a sales invoice for 50% of the ultimate total, due now. Add a note to it (in a custom field for Notes) describing what it is: 50% advance against estimated final total of XXX. The invoice will be payable immediately. When the sale is complete, issue another sales invoice for the remainder.

  2. Issue a sales quote retitled as a pro forma invoice. (You could even retitle it as an invoice, but that might get confusing.) When the customer pays the advance, enter it as described here: Record customer deposits and advances | Manager. When the sale is complete, issue a sales invoice for the full amount of the job. The advance will be applied automatically to the new sales invoice, leaving 50% balance due.

Based on what you said about the customer wanting an invoice, option 1 is probably better, but you can ask their preference. Manager will handle either approach, so the question might be what fits within their workflow better. And either approach is correct from an accounting viewpoint, because you are issuing sales invoices only for what you have a right to demand under the terms of your agreement or contract with the customer.

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Great, thank you for the tips.