How to pay partial payment to supplier

I have 5 invoices of 200 each from Suppliers and suppose i want to pay 700 towards these 5 invoices but don’t want to mention into any invoice.

If I don’t mention Invoice while paying then it will show OVERDUE.

You need to split $700 across individual purchase invoices. In future, this process will be easier (Manager will pre-fill the payment form for you) but mechanics won’t change.

If you just allocate $700 to Accounts payable account without specifying purchase invoice, the transaction will be considered incomplete. Invoices will still show balance due and $700 will go to Suspense account until rectified.

See the screenshot below how to record payment of $700 across 5 purchase invoices within single transaction:

How to navigate to pay like in above screen shot ?

But sorry to say this application is lagging in terms of :

  1. Partial Payment to suppliers.
  2. Advance payment from Customers.

Please see my real examples :

Regarding Partial Payment to suppliers
I purchase from my suppliers like 1000 (20 invoices) but i pay in 2-3 installments i.e. 500 , 300 ,200 respectively .So application should be smart enough to either allocate money to every invoice OR only modify the total amount.

Regarding Advance payment from Customers
My customer also give me like this in partial installments.
And some times they advance payments then how will we track this.

I really didn’t find this option very smooth which is a basic need of any billing software.Please think on this. I will be really happy to hear your thought on these above points.

Also can you please elaborate the difference between Purchase Invoice and Purchase order ?

When you click it, you will see the opening menu near it.

Hi, We have diffrent supplier we purchase food stuff on credit basiss total five invoices are outstanding and amount is $15000 , but now I want to pay $10000 how to I make payment, I do not want to pay invoice wise.

Then allocate the payment against Supplier credits account. This will automatically spread payment among unpaid invoices.