Item Column now showing on invoices?

I just updated to the latest version of Manager, and now my invoices have an “item” column and displays the item code in it. This is not very professional looking. Is there a way I can go back to the older style or turn this feature off?

The Item column shows only when one or more lines of the invoice use a sales invoice item. If you don’t want the column to show, don’t use sales invoice items. At the same time, it is difficult to imagine a situation in which you would not want to display the item name if one is being invoiced. I am curious as to why you think this is unprofessional.

The only way to disable this feature entirely is to create your own, custom view template for your sales invoices. That entails coding the invoice template from scratch.

I use 100’s of short-typed codes for sales invoice items. It’s the whole reason I chose this program. I can write my own short-code and invoice a job that has 100’s of items. These codes are shorthand for me to enter the item in the invoice; so they aren’t real words (sometimes) or partial words, etc.
So we didn’t have these in Manager for years, and now we’re forced to display them…but you can’t imagine a time you wouldn’t want them? Sounds contradictory. Ugh.

I won’t pretend to know the entire history of Manager. But sales invoice items have been part of it for at least the last two years. And since I began using them, the Item column has appeared on invoices if you use one. Were you perhaps updating from a very old version of the software?

Your perspective just shows there are many ways to use the program. I’ve always used sales invoice items–and I suspect they were originally conceived–as short descriptors intended for the customer to see, with detail added in the description. I frequently see such things, whether words, numerical codes, or some combination, on invoices I receive. I’ve never thought them unprofessional. I simply recognize them as an accounting necessity, much like a SKU or catalog number, a handy way to categorize something being sold.

@Bryan_Shenuk, if you are using sales invoice items as a quick way to populate line items, then select sales invoice item which will populate the line item, then press “cross” symbol to clear the item. This will leave account, description, amount, tax code etc. in place. But since item will be “cleared” it won’t show on printed invoice.

Who knew? What a slick trick, @lubos.

@lubos, your fix works, but then what happens is that the account then also defaults to “suspense account”, and one has to re-change that back to your proper account - e.g. “sales”. So a quick fix but not so quick.

Any way of editing the template or theme to get rid of Code column forever?

If you have nothing in the Item Code field for any lines on the invoice, the column will not appear. But if you want to use the item codes for searching or other reasons, eliminating the column from forms would take some fairly major surgery in a custom theme using replace filters. You are on your own for that.

Greetings! I’m a new user as of 2018 and love the program!! Thank you very much.

I’m actually having the complete opposite problem. I absolutely must use the “Item” column on my sales and purchase invoices but can’t get it to show up. I’m using the default Plain Theme and the Item column clearly shows up on the sample image but isn’t on my invoices. What am I doing wrong? Using Ver 18.1.22 on Linux Mint 18.2. Thank you!!!


Theme previews are not representative of any specific transaction form or contents. They show a general look. Item names do not show on any form. Item codes show on some.

You can use custom fields.

create custom field for inventory item, name it item code then select it to display on print sheet.

now you may have to type item code for all your item in batch update mode.

then create a sales invoice which will show printed item code.

Thanks for the quick reply! I was playing with the custom field function but I wasn’t successful because I couldn’t figure out how to locate the field where I wanted it (just to the left of the description field). Also, my inventory list wasn’t showing up in the drop down list. I really don’t have time to learn the “liquid” language either so I’m kinda stuck. Part numbers are extremely important to ensure accurate purchasing. Sure wish there was an easier way to select which fields appear in the forms but I still love the program. Thanks again, Steve

All custom fields are placed to the right of the Description field on invoices. You can only control the order the custom fields appear in, if you have more than one. Why are you not putting the part numbers in the Item code field? That is what it is for. It will show up on sales invoices in the first column, labeled as Code. That field is intended to show (if you’ve used it), along with descriptions. It is only the Item name field that does not automatically show. That is meant as a reminder, since most people cannot remember a whole bunch of part or SKU numbers and what they mean.