Paid Invoice Showing as Due in Aged Receivables

I’ve just noticed that two invoices that have been paid in full have a balance due showing on the Aged Receivable Report. When I click on the link to see which invoice the amount is due on it shows as being fully paid. The invoices are in a foreign currency.

I thought this might have to do with Foreign Exchange but the amount ‘due’ is not exactly the same as the Foreign Exchange amount showing in the Customer account. Please help.

I bet if you look at the invoice in question, you’ll find that the Due Date field is empty.

See the trouble report I filed recently on exactly this issue, which @Lubos has not responded to yet:

(If your invoice’s Due Date is not empty, then you’ve likely identified another issue with the same report.)

Thanks Jon, I thought you’d resolved that for me but… no luck sorry. Both of the invoices definitely have a Due Date

See if you have any foreign exchange gains/losses on the profit and loss. I have had this issue before with foreign exchange and it was always down to a missed exchange rate somewhere along the line.

On which date was this invoice paid and for which date is this report generated for?

The first invoice (balance showing $64.72) was paid on 3 May. The second invoice (balance showing $ was paid on 21 July. The report was generated for today’s date, it’s actually saved to be current every time I run it but just to be sure I created a new report and the amounts are still showing as outstanding.

Then this is a bug. Under no circumstances should paid invoice show in aged receivables report if it was paid by the date of the report. Any chance you could send me your accounting file to ?

On it’s way now. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Alright, the issue was that Manager didn’t really dig deep enough to calculate exchange gains (losses) on each invoice individually. But I don’t really want Manager to go this far as there are really no benefits (other than having aged receivables and aged payables report to show correct figures in base currency).

So the best idea I could come up with is to simply show invoice balances on aging reports in their currency.

Perhaps this is even better approach as seeing how much customer owes in foreign currency is more practical anyway.

This update is in the latest version (16.8.80)

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Brilliant, thank you. I think that’s a great idea and, yes it is a great idea and very useful to show the Aged Receivables in the customers base currency.