Aged receivables

The aged receivables report shows the original invoice total and not the balance due. Is this on purpose ? For me it would make more sense to show only the amount outstanding (so with deduction of already made payments on the invoice).

Thanks !

If you’ve kept your accounts properly, this will not be true. When receiving the payment, you must either Receive Money from the screen showing the particular invoice or select Accounts receivable and the appropriate invoice if receiving money in a bank/cash account directly.

Found out what was the cause. Here in Brazil a lot of payments are done in installments.

When a customer f.i. has to pay a total of R$300,00, it is normal they pay 3x R$100,00 in 30/60/90 days.

What I do is when a customer comes to pay with a credit-card today for payment in 30/60/90 days is that I receive the payment, but with a date in the future.

When you go to customers-screen the balance due will be cleared (which for me is fine, since the creditcard-company assures the payment), when you go to aged payments before the actual due (future) date of the payment, it will still show you the outstanding payment, hence the confusion.

But now I know, this makes sense too, just wanted to clarify.