P&L vs budget using divisions

I have one physical Bank account with two separate divisions with different budgets
To give me the report structure I need, each division has been allocated a bank account in the program
It does not seem possible when creating a report of Profit and Loss(Actual vs Budget) to exclude one division with both being displayed
The facility to choose a report for one division does not mutually exclude all data from the other.
Is this a bug or is it possible that this facilty can be added?

How can you allocate a bank account to each division when you only have one bank account?

And what do you mean by excluding one division while displaying both?

It is important to realize that bank accounts belong to the company, same for tax accounting it is about the company. So when using divisions they can not have their own bank account, it would legally be questionable. If these Divisions operate in different countries, currencies then indeed they would also have to report to their local tax authorities and therefore will have at least one bank account in their local currency. In such case you are better off to create them as another business.

I am afraid I must disagree strongly with this. Bank accounts can definitely be assigned to individual divisions, both in Manager and in the real world. Divisions belong to the company; therefore, so do their bank accounts.

Whether you are better off to create divisions as separate businesses is another matter, depending on legal forms of organization and laws in jurisdictions where they operate. But it is definitely possible to operate a business in multiple countries and still satisfy all legal reporting requirements.

@Tut, a division is not legally registered and thus can not open a bank account. A company can open multiple bank accounts if they wish and assign use to a division but at the end of the day taxation is only with the legal entity. If you can inform me about any jurisdiction where banks allow a non legal entity to register a bank account then I would be happy to learn this as it would be of good use as tax haven.

@eko, my point, and what I wrote, was that “Bank accounts can definitely be assigned [emphasis added] to individual divisions….” I did note say that bank accounts could be registered by divisions, though there may be places where they can.

The comment you made that I took issue with was that “divisions…can not have their own bank account.” Having an account assigned for a division’s exclusive use is different from the division registering the bank account.

I agree, and nothing I wrote should be interpreted to contradict this.

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Quite simply, choosing to display the P&L vs Budget for one division does not eliminate displaying the other.
It merely does not include the values. The finer accounting points do not interest me as using the program this way works for me.

@JMP, your latest post does not provide any further explanation beyond your first post. So it is not clear whether you have a complaint, are asking for a program change, or something else. You did not answer my questions in post #2 above. And you conclude by saying, “…using the program this way works for me.” That seems to imply you are satisfied with everything. Yet your first post asked if something was a bug.

All I would request is that when the P&L vs Budget is selected for one division all that is displayed is the data for that division, not all divisions with empty entries for the non-selected divisions. It ends up being a of paper

@JMP, you need to illustrate what you mean with screen shots. A Profit and Loss Statement (Actual vs Budget) can only be defined for an entire business or a single division. When defined for a division, the budget figures entered should be for that division. The resulting report displays only account balances that include transactions marked for that division during the time period specified. And the budget figures are those you entered when defining the report.

So, your comment about “…all divisions with empty entries for the non-selected divisions” makes no sense. Of course, transactions marked for other divisions are not included. But that does not change the chart of accounts. And if budget figures are zero, that is because you defined them as zero.

If you are implying that you want to get rid of accounts that are used only by other divisions, and therefore have zero balances, check the box to exclude zero balances. And do not enter budgets for those accounts.