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Dear @lubos, can you please add the possibility to assign some divisions only to P&L so that the others don’t appear in the drop-down list?

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Well, wouldn’t this encourage bad practice? Typically P&L accounts should not be division-specific. So you can get comparative P&L between divisions for the same account.

Maybe there needs to be sub-divisions

This is not what I was looking for. Now we have division both for P&L and BS. In my case BS divisions are different from P&L ones. I don’t want my users to see and select BS ones while inserting transactions vs P&L in Manager (BS ones can be set only under Setting so we don’t have any issue). I would like just a flag to set them as “P&L only”.

That is not correct. Bank and Cash Accounts, Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Fixed/Intangible Assets, Special Accounts, Inventory Items, Capital Accounts—in other words, almost all subsidiary ledgers of control accounts—are set in their respective tabs. Unless I missed one, only Expense Claim Payers are assigned to divisions under Settings.

I think the relationships between permissions for tabs and ability to select divisions could become so convoluted under your proposal the outcomes would be impossible to foresee and problems would be exceptionally difficult to diagnose.

Fine. However, it’s not a problem of “permission” but only just to prevent errors and to simplify the work of my collaborators. So I renew my request of having the possibility to filter the list.

My point was that filtering inevitably gets involved with permissions, because the assignments take place in various tabs. I think what you suggest is more complex than it appears at first.

OK, I see what you mean now. At this point, I’d say no to this.

Even if there is use-case, I would be looking at different solution than segmenting divisions as you suggest.

There is one feature that Manager could have which would be similar to style guide. Basically a set of standards you want to enforce. For example, you could say divisions with custom field P&L only not to be used on balance sheet accounts.

Then Manager could give you list of transactions which do not meet your pre-defined standards. This would work well with country-specific requirements where some standards should be enforced in certain countries so this could be imported from master country template etc.

Currently you’d need to use custom reports and that could be cumbersome to keep checking each custom report on regular basis.

Good idea

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Great idea that can be used on every drop down list. I vote for this!

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