P&L Statement Expenses in bracket ( )

I am a little confuse about the P&L Statement, it may be my lack of understanding. I discovered that under the expenses, all my accounts stated there are in bracket ( ), where under expenses for staff there are not in bracket ( ). Could anyone explain why is it this way?

That is extremely hard to understand with everything blacked out.

Manager follows conventional accounting practice - the format of values depends on how the accounts are categorized- they can be income or expense accounts

With less the subtraction is done at the main leaf of the three, so all the expenses are positive. Something like -(expense 1, expense 2).

Without less each account retains its own sign, so the expenses are negative, ie in brackets. Something like -expense1, -expense1.

What I understand from this Total Expenses is the total expenses from the same group – and it gives the number in (80,045,592). The number in ( ) what does it imply, debit or credit?

Under the Less Karyawan (Staff), the total Karyawan (Staff) at the bottom is not in the bracket. If the number not in the bracket, what does it imply?

Total Expenses and Total Karyawan (Staff) are expenses.

@success127 go to your Chart of Accounts. Click edit button on the group Pengeluaran (Expenses) and make sure it’s Expense group, not an income group. This will add Less: prefix to your group and reverse the sign of figures on the report.

Current setup, the Pengeluaran (Expenses) is under the subgroup of Pengeluaran (Expenses). And the Karywan (Staff) is also under the subgroup of Pengeluaran (Expenses), are this correct?

I find your question confusing - could you not show a screen image of your chart of accounts -that would make it clearer to everyone

Also you could describe what you are trying to achieve

@success127 the group can’t be subgroup of itself. If you do it, Manager will ignore that and will make that group top-level. So make that group Expense group rather than sub-group of itself.

You should read the two guides
Design a chart of accounts | Manager
Build a chart of accounts | Manager


You should design your account structure from the top down
First Groups
then Totals
then Accounts

You seem to have gone about it in a haphazard manner

solved. I have replaced the Pengeluaran (Expenses) to Expense Group. The brackets disappear.