Profit and Loss Statement

I have a doubt.

I am looking at a Profit and Loss statement report.
Here I found Net Profit (loss), even there is only profit.
Am I making any mistake or something else?

I am also attaching a screenshot.
please help me with it.

if you had a net loss, the amount would be in negative.

You do have a net profit and so the amount is in positive.

Agree, the amount would be negative if a Loss. However the P&L report shows the negative as an amount in parenthesis (brackets).

On checking this I discovered an inconsistency between the P&L report and the Summary. The Summary switches the narrative between either Net Profit or Net Loss and reports both as a positive. Conversely, it reports negative equity with a negative sign. I think that these reports should display/report these amounts in the same manner on both reports and within the report. Personally I prefer using parenthesis.


the summary page displays the amounts without formatting that a report can show.
reports can be directly printed and so is more rich with formatting.
the summary page can neither be exported or printed, so is not really a matter if the formatting is different.