P&L Report: Expenses don't tally

The expenses portion of my P&L report do not tally. I’ve added comparative columns to show June, July, Aug, etc. For example, without listing the detailed line item, the major sections show:

                  June         July          Aug
Staff         (3638.00)    (55,700.00)  (24,212.00)
Operating     (1989.27)    (2,550.07)    (2,594.08)
Marketing      (489.76)    (2,637.90)    (2,043.04)
R&D           (1694.88)    (169.00)         0.00

EXPENSES       47,413.32    (36,417.08)    32,952.85

This doesn’t make any sense. Why don’t they tally? And where does the dramatic swing from positive to negative come from?


You need to post a screen shot of the entire P&L report. Without seeing the structure of your chart of accounts, it’s impossible to understand what you’ve transcribed. Obscure organizational information if necessary.

Also post a screen shot of the setup screen for this P&L report, showing the column names and from/to dates.


I’ve attached the PDF of the report with test data and a screen shot of the setup is below…


Can you post a screenshot of your entire P&L Chart of Account structure from Settings - Chart of Accounts.

If you attached it, it did not make it into your post. Only the setup screen shows. We need to see the resulting report.

The forum will not allow PDF to be uploaded.

Then use a screenshot of the report prior to PDF creation or take a screenshot of the PDF report itself so that it is a jpg/jpeg just like your screenshot of the P&L setup shown above.

Here’s the Chart of Accounts for P&L (three pics) and the offending report.

To reiterate my question, the expense numbers don’t add up. For example June shows (3,638.00) + (1,989.27) + (489.76) + (1,694.88) = +47,413.32


Your Expenses (7) is currently subtotalling Revenue & Expenses, that is why your expense figures are in brackets (negative income) and your Expense subtotal is showing a profit.

You need to group the Expenses separately from the Revenue - I will go and build the model and come back.

From the guide on building a chart of accounts:

“Interim subtotals and final totals are useful in accounting displays. Add them with the New Total button. Totals calculate a running summation of all groups above them in the chart of accounts.

Note: the accounts that are underlined are “New Total”

You don’t have to create totals for group heading as they automatically create there own totals.

Hi there,

Yes, that fixed the tally error. Thanks!!