Summary is not adding Total Expenses correctly

I have divided my expenses in Operating Expenses, Professional Services, and Other Expenses in my Chart of Accounts. I cannot get the program to add up the total of these three categories into a correct subtotal of total expenses. First, I tried creating a group called EXPENSES, in which the other three categories were subaccounts, but when it adds up the three categories, there is a difference of $500, which I have no idea where it is coming from. (See P&L Setup 1 and 2). I then decided to try something different and added a subtotal called EXPENSES. (See Expense Group Setup and Total Setup). In this situation, the EXPENSES is the same total as the net profit. Any ideas? Where is my error in the Chart of Account setup? I am working with Manager

It is impossible to offer advice, because you show only a portion of your chart of accounts. You also show no numbers.

You should also read the Guide on how to build a chart of accounts, because you are misusing terminology. That makes it hard to understand your statements.

Next, you need to explain every screenshot you show. Based on the absence of information, you may have created nothing but groups and no accounts.

Finally, you need to tell the complete story of your 500 discrepancy. What does it differ from?

You actually have 4 sub-groups under Expenses - the 4th being Other Expenses

I did some troubleshooting and found the issue. It was not Manager but the reconciliation of Manager to the information I had downloaded to Excel. You can delete this post.

I’m glad you got this issue sorted @lianabel

I will close this topic.