Overpayment - Sales Invoice


I have facing problem while generating the Sales Invoice, I received an advance payment and then I delivered my services to my the client. After finalizing the invoice, I already received an access amount of Rs.4,568 PKR that is not printing at bottom of my invoice. Please guide that how to print that amount at bottom of the invoice that this amount is payable from my side. Snapshot is attached for your ready reference please.


You can’t, as an Invoice can’t show receipts higher then the Invoice value.
To show overpayment balance print a Customer Statement under Reports

But I think admin has to modify the option of “Balance Due” by automatically tracking the order of remaining payment or

and that should be printed on the Invoice in replacement of “Balance Due” like example snapshot attached for ready reference please.

As stated previously. over payments aren’t shown per Invoice. That is the role of the Customer Statement.

Imagine you have a Customer who in the month made 4 advance payments for different orders and 2 invoices were issued. How does Manager know if the advanced payments were overpaying any particular invoice.

If you wish to communicate the overpayment to the Customer, add a comment line - a line without an account selected.

In the above I was assuming that you were allocating the Advanced Payments to the Customer’s Accounts Receivable sub-account.

However, if you were allocating the Advanced Payments to a BS Deposits Taken account, then you can show the deposit amount as a separate line entry on the Invoice, which will manufacture a negative total.

Noting that the excess amount (100) gets transferred from the Deposits Taken account to the Customers sub-account as a credit

When we creating credit note by submitting the receive amount at that time we have to select the specific invoice, that shows the received advance payment is specifically for the said invoice. If we receive over-payment then it should be automatically shown in bottom line as shown below:

Over-payment : (4,568.00 PKR) OR
Balance Due : (4,568.00 PKR)

You are requested to please make changes and link-up it with in invoice format that will enable us to facilitate in proper and organize way :slight_smile:


You can request the changes, but I don’t thing the Manager developers will be making any specific changers to suit such a request beyond which that has already been illustrated to you as solutions.