Problem in Creating Invoice

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I am using Manager 16.10.93 version. I am facing problem while I am creating Sale Invoice, there is no option to enter advance received values. For Example:

Total Assets Sold = 1,000 Advance Received/Pay = 500
Total Receivable/Payable = $ 500

Can anyone guide me that how can I enter advance amount in bottom line of invoice that software automatically calculate and generate total receivable or payable amount.

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Firstly, version 16.10.93 is quite old so you should update.

Have you already received the Advanced Received, if yes, which account is holding the Advance - where was it posted to. It should have gone to a Deposit or Prepayment or Transaction Clearing type of account - it should not have gone to the Asset Sold account.

Then when you do the above invoice the first line would be Assets Sold 1000
The second line should be the account holding the Advance but with a negative figure (-500)
Now the Invoice will total 500.

Now I updated my software version to Manager 16.12.56.

Yes I already received advance without creating / sending any invoice to customer because when I sent Sales Quote to my customer I mentioned in terms & conditions that I need 50% advance along-with work order. So, I received 50% advance along-with work order but I did not post that amount anywhere in software.

Please guide what to do because now I have to create and send Sales Invoice but billing amount is showing 100% because there is no option available over there for adjusting any advance payment. Please guide.


Can you please edit invoice as per attached format for us?

@rizwan086, you should read this Guide:

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Upon generating sales invoice you need to acknowledge the deposit/advance received by click on ‘Receive Money’ button which you can find on top of the panel. It will show exactly like this…

It will appear as ‘Amount Credited’. Once received payment in full amount you can still update the payment as instructed.

Hope this will help you find the best solution.

But you need to. The money would be sitting in your bank account so you need to enter it so
a) you can allocate it against the final invoice
b) the bank account can be reconciled

You would take up the advance payment via Receive Money and then you have two options
a) put it as a credit against the customers Accounts Receivable account
b) post it to a dedicated BS Asset account called Advance Payments

Then either can be shown in the final invoice.

I did not found the ‘Receive Money’ button on top of the panel. Invoice Panel snapshot is attached for your reference. please guide as I am new to use this software…

Can you please guide the steps / fields that how can I enter the advance payment in this software as I am new to use this software.


Read the Guide I already linked to. It has all the steps and gives examples. You don’t enter advanced payments on a sales invoice. You enter them when you receive them and they show up automatically on the sales invoice.

You must access to Sales Invoice dashboard and select require invoice which to receive the payment.

Every time you view any selected invoice the tool panel will show exactly as mentioned.

Or you can refer to the guideline given in the linked above.