Due balance on sale invoice

when we are making invoice and customer have negative balance it will automatically credited from invoice but it he has due balance it will not shown on invoice. how to solve the problem

This is not a problem or bug. This is by design. The sales invoice makes demand for payment for specific goods or services sold. It is not a statement of past activity. If you want to issue a statement showing unpaid invoices, that is available under Reports => Customer Statement.

but when we issued a sale invoice it is required the old balance and shows total balance which will make it easy for us to know total balance to customer if the customer demand the detail we will provide the full activity from customer statement.

If there are no display about due balanceā€¦ then it means the full amount of invoice is unpaid. So it will be pay by customer. If amount is partially paid by customer then only remaining Due amount will be display at the end of Table.
If you provide a due date then after due date if amount full amount was not paid by customerā€¦ then your invoice display the (OVERDUE) as a symbol in the invoice.

if a customer has unpaid invoices i need that his old invoices amount will be shown in new invoice and total unpaid amount when we issued the invoice the customer will see both balances invoice amount and old unpaid amount

Its not possible in single Invoice. For this, send a Customer account statement to them. this is the best way.

You have already been told several times this is not possible. Nor is this the purpose of a sales invoice in accounting. It is the purpose of a statement.