OverflowException: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow

[12:55:56 AM] OverflowException: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.

In which context do you get this error?

i run the desktop edition. it just stopped working.
so i installed the server edition but it brings that up in the dialog and will not load.

@lubos where did u go . . . am waiting on your help . . .

You didn’t answer his question on context in which the error occurred.

@SpanishizzleJester, can you upgrade to the latest version of desktop edition from https://www.manager.io? It could fix your problem.

I just installed the latest edition today. Getting the same error message when trying to OPEN or NEW file. Installed on a Lenovo Ultrabook with Windows 10 64bit. Help! Unable to use Manager and its Tax time.

Can you post the screenshot of the error?

Sequence is: start Manager, first screen is open existing or new file. I do get the file select window. Then select a file to open, then get the error message.

Windows 10.0.14393
Have tried multiple restarts, uninstall and reinstall of Manager.

@Hubbub, is this happening when opening existing business? What happens when you create a new business by using New... button?

Exactly the same error. Select NEW, get the file window, enter a new name, system returns to the posted error screen.

This is a mystery. If you like, you can email me to lubos@manager.io and we can arrange TeamViewer session so I can debug the issue on your machine. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce this on mine so TeamViewer is the only option.