Error opening latest desktop edition (17.4)

Just downloaded and installed newest version, but then I got the error message:

System.IO.FileNotFoundExeption: Kan bestand C:\Users\Roel\Dropbox\Manager\5faed66881f841498ab389a58728813.manager niet vinden.
Bestandsnaam: C:\Users\Roel\Dropbox\Manager\5faed66881f841498ab389a58728813.manager
bij System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
bij System.IO.File.InternalCopy(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean overwrite, Boolean checkHost)
bij ManagerDesktop.UpgradeProcess()
bij ManagerDesktop.MainForm.CreateMainForm(String path)

and Manager will not start. The upgrade did copy and rename my .manager files (on Dropbox). But when I try to start Manager by double-clicking on a .manager file I get the same error message.
I tried to reinstall previous version, but then I get the message “A more recent version of Manager is already installed on this computer” and the installation stops.
Can I de-install the latest version and then install version 17.3?

You cannot open a *.manager file directly by double-clicking. Open the application, click Open…, browse to the file and open it that way. Afterwards, the file should appear in the Recent list on the home page and you should be able to open it by clicking there.

Yes, but I would also delete the renamed manager files just to remove any potential conflicts.

What operating system gave you the above error message.

@Tut - @Roeland stated “and Manager will not start” so the OPEN button is not available to them

@Tut: interesting that you react at me trying to open a .manager file, and so trying to force Manager to start. It is as @Brucanna remarks: Manager will not open AT ALL, so this is just a try-out of me.
The problem is the upgrade of version 17.3 to 17.4, and I would like to get reactions to that.

Try updating again. There was a problem with 17.4.33 that affected Macs. Perhaps it affected PCs, also. Version 17.4.34 fixed that issue.

Yes you can, that is one of the purposes behind the changes in 17.4.0.

The topic notes state “It’s pretty much the same concept as if working with spreadsheet documents, photos, videos etc. Your Manager files can be anywhere … and Manager will open them wherever they are”

You can open spreadsheet, photos, videos by double clicking without first opening the application and now also with Manager. The first time you do this, you will see a dialog asking which programme to use and Manager will be one of the listed programmes. If you tick “always use this programme” then the dialog wont re-appear on subsequent double clicking - Manger will just open.

Well it does in Windows without a hitch @ edition 17.4.17

Interesting. What you say was true on Macs at 17.4.0, but is no longer. I assumed that was a deliberate change related to correcting some other bug. But perhaps not.

@lubos, what is your intent? Should users be able to open *.manager files directly? Or should they behave as before, being only data files that are called by the application? The Get Info screen says they should be opened by Manager. But trying to do so produces this error:

While you get a similar dialog on Macs, selecting Manager also returns the error shown above.

@Tut: I downloaded Manager again, but the problem persists with the same error and the trouble Manager does not start at all (at least I cannot do anything); I cannot see it is version 17.4.34 because it is is totally blank screen with only the error message in it. See added picture.

For some reason, the program seems to be trying to access the old alphanumeric file names in your Dropbox, even though you say it already converted them to plain language.

@lubos, this one is for you, too. I suspect some issue with the path name to Dropbox.

@Roeland, try the latest version (17.4.36) which should be fixing this particular issue.

@lubos: Just installed latest version (17.4.36); that did it: it now works.
Thanks for your concern!

Using Ubuntu 16.04 I Just now installed Manager. I click on the manager icon and get the option of New or Open. I choose New and fill in the name AA and click save. I then get the following error Topic :- System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file “/opt/manager-accounting/AA.manager”.

@heldeman, what if you click New and try to create new file elsewhere (e.g. on your desktop)?

I just this second verified that 17.4.42 works correctly on a Mac. Looks like an Ubuntu issue.

I just created it in Home and YES it work.
Thanks very much Lubos. Manager is the Best