Overdue column on customer statement not calculating properly

The Overdue column on the Customer Statement Unpaid Invoices report is not always calculated correctly.

If the Statement date (the one you enter in the Until field and which is printed on the statement itself) is chosen as today’s date, the calculation is correct. If the Statement date is chosen as any other day (e.g., tomorrow or next week or the first of last month), the Overdue column still reflects the number of days overdue through today, rather than through the date that appears on the statement.

In other words, it should be:
      Overdue = Statement Date - Due Date
Instead, it currently is:
      Overdue = Today's Date - Due Date

Sometimes there is a need to run a set of statements in advance, such as when doing an advance print-and-envelope-stuff run. At any rate, since the only date shown on the Statement is the Statement date, the Overdue column should be based on Statement date. This also matters if I ever need to regenerate a previous Statement, as invoices that weren’t even past due yet appear to have been.

(The ageing of the receivables in the table on the top of the statement, on the other hand, correctly reflects the Statement date.)

Thanks. Fixed.

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