Option to turn Tax code inactive

Can we have an option to make tax codes which are no longer currently used (redundant) inactive … that will be helpful

This might be possible only if what you mean by “inactive” is that it won’t show in lists in the tax code dropdown boxes. In all other respects, if the tax code has been used before, it must remain active because prior calculations still depend on it. But a tax code that has never been used can be deleted.

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Yes that is right, just need to hide from the drop down list, feature similar to those provided on supplier and customer master

Good topic.
As you know, Indian GST Implemented… So from 1st July 2017, we do not need to Put OLD TAX amount % in the Purchase and sales invoice.
And we can not put default tax for Inventory item… because the GST % will remain same… but is Item Sales or Purchase within states then CGST & SGST will be need to display… and if Sales // Purchase from outside state then only IGST will be implemented. (In-short we can not set default the TAX code for Items.)

So for now in tax column of Sales & purchase invoice… it displayed the old taxes and also the new GST tax codes… we do not need the old tax code to display in that column because its hard to find from so many tax codes…So I think, Inactive option would work batter…

This is incorrect. You can define a default tax code for an inventory item, choosing the one you believe will be used most frequently. If necessary, you can edit the tax code at the time of creating a sales or purchase invoice, such as when selling to a customer outside your state or to a tax-exempt customer.

Yes we can define… But we can not… Because its not as most frequent types… If its default then employee can make mistake by chance… so we did not select it by default.

But main point is the Older TAX… which is display in the TAX tabs… All the older tax codes are no longer in use now because of the new GST. So try to Hide or Inactive to display in the TAX.

So don’t set a default. That is a personal choice. I was only pointing out that it can be done. Your earlier posting implied that you could not set one because it might need to change.

I fully understood your desire to remove inactive taxes from the dropdown lists.

Added to the latest version (17.12.2)

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