Purchase and Sales Invoice Item

Hello, is there any option or is it possible to make here also a “active” and Inactive function? The reason is that we have f.e. 200 items, however over the time there are some inactive and we don’t use them at this time. Now when make a PO or SO then there is a list to choose items but this list all items incl. the one which we don’t need anymore. If we can set this items to “inactive” i think they will not show up in the time list.

thanks for support


It’s not possible to mark sales invoice item as inactive but I wonder whether that’s what I want to implement.

I really want sales invoice items to be seen as a shortcuts to create invoices more rapidly. Because it’s only matter of time before someone will asks for reports based on items used on invoices and that’s not where I want this to go. There is already concept of accounts which should be used for this purpose.

So I wonder whether I shouldn’t just make sales invoice items and purchase invoice items removable even if they have been used on invoice. This way if item is no longer used, just delete it.

So long as existing sales invoices are not changed, this would be an excellent solution.

For example, right now, I have a client for which I do the same things over and over again. The client’s accounting department requires a fairly detailed explanation of the service each time. Sales invoice items are the perfect solution. But next year, when we are finished with what we are doing together, it would be nice to get rid of those items, just as right now you can change the price of a sales invoice item without affecting previous invoices that used it.

I changed my mind on this. The latest version (15.5.33) allows to mark sales invoice items or purchase invoice items “inactive”

Hi lubos, i just downloaded the latest version and tested the feature. Great, thank you so much, this is perfect… highly appreciate that you changed your mind on that,