Inactive custom fields

Is there a way to mark a custom field as no longer active.

I have several fields that are no longer required and would prefer that they don’t show up anywhere.

An example is, I used to have a custom field on invoices for a payment date. Manager now shows the date(s) and method above the “Balance Due”, an excellent addition - Thank you :).
Therefore, I no longer need this custom field but it still shows up every time I enter an invoice and I would prefer it didn’t.

It would be good if there was an “inactive” checkbox in the custom field editing screen.

Thanks and keep up the great work :slight_smile:

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This suggestion was moved to the Ideas category. Meanwhile, uncheck the boxes to “Show custom field as a column” and “Show custom field on printed documents” on the custom field’s Edit page.

Also, if you do not have many transactions that used the field, you could edit them to delete field content. Then you will be able to delete the field itself.

By the way, there has always been a built-in due date field on sales invoices.

this would hide the custom field from showing on the old documents too where those are supposed to be shown. the issue i believe was to not have the custom field on the entry form rather than on the final document.

I understood, @sharpdrivetek. I was just giving @Greg_W a workaround. Since @lubos moved this into the Ideas category himself, I assume the feature will eventually be added.

If a workaround is being suggested then it should be clearly marked as such so that the user is fully, not partially, informed and if there are potential impacts - this would hide the custom field from showing on the old documents too - then these should also be highlighted so the user doesn’t get later unexpected surprises.

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It wasn’t due date that I maxde a field for it was payment date(s) i.e. the dates that I received payments against the invoice.

I have unchecked those boxes but the fields are still shown on the invoice editing page and I would prefer to not have them there at all as they are no longer relevant.

I understand your desire, @Greg_W. Right now, the only way to remove a custom field from the edit screen is to delete the field. And you can only do that if the contents of the field are deleted on every transaction that used it.

In the case of your date-paid custom field, the information will still be available in the mini-statement above the balance due by viewing the invoices.

Thanks I understand that but I have many invoices containing the data and deleting it from each invoice is not an option as it would be a very time intensive task.

I have other custom fields that I would also like to make inactive.
Happy to wait, just hoping that it is something that can be implemented in the futire.

Added to the latest version (18.7.28)


Works perfectly :slight_smile:

Thank you Lubos.