Opening balances


How can i enter the opening balances if i am shifting from another program to manager

Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a single Guide regarding “Transferring from another accounting system”, however read these individual Guides

Setting a Start Date Manager Cloud
Customer Balances Manager Cloud
Supplier Balances Manager Cloud
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Inventory Item Balances Manager Cloud
Fixed Asset Balances
Other Balance Sheet Balances Manager Cloud

This Guide may also be useful on building your chart of accounts: Manager Cloud

when i entered the opening balances it shows on the summery as opening balances as total , how can i direct every single account to its nature

You need to provide screenshots so we can understand what you are seeing.

I don’t recognise this “Opening Balances” account, is it one you created or renamed ?
Normally if Manager has an out of balance on starting balances it creates a 0 Start Bal Eq account.

If you go to Reports > General Ledger > Starting Balances and print it off then you can use it to verify your current opening balances against your previous systems closing balances.

Also, if you are a corporation (based on your Share Capital account) then that Drawings account shouldn’t be under Equity, it should a Directors or Shareholders Current Account and be located under Assets or Liabilities.

no i didn’t create it , when i entered the opening balances for accounts manager created it by itself

What version are you running - under “about” or “support”.

Manager 15.4.45

Ok, you are about 2.5 years out of date, the current version is 17.12.nn.
I suggest you update as there has been hundreds of updates since then.

Anyhow, that report is probably in that version possibly under a different name which you can still use to see where any variances are.