How To Enter Opening Balance

I’m starting to use this accounting system. How to enter opening balances?

  1. Go to Setting
  2. Click Customize
  3. Than Click in Opening Balance option & update.
    Than u will find the opening balance option In Bank Accounts & Cash Accounts

I have downloaded the new version 15.3.8 but couldn’t find the opening balance entry option! Please help.

You are reading posts about older versions of Manager, @jtayyw. Things have changed.

In the Reports tab, select Opening Balances under General Ledger heading. If you have opening balances for Accounts payable or Accounts receivable, you must enter the unpaid or partially paid purchase or sales invoices. To do that, you must first create suppliers and/or customers.

Also, before you can see Opening balances report under Reports tab, you need to set Start date.

Have a look at

Thanks for your prompt reply, I’d done.

Hi Can you help me setting up opening balance in version 18.9.51?


Is this Enter starting balances any use?