Customer and bank opening balance?

I read some commentes abouat customer opeining balance debit amouant but the new version have no start date also i have no idea about bank and cash opeining balance


you should read the guides before using the program.

also, read the guide about starting balances Enter starting balances | Manager


thank you
i already use manager but this time not for new company so i test this way and i make entry for invoice before two years but it is balanced at balance sheet

any help please

what do you exactly mean by this? post screenshots of the edit screen of your Customer and relevant transactions to illustrate your problem.

The problem i want to make entry to the opening balance to the customer but if his balance is debit i have to make the unpaid invoices but every time it is change the balance sheet
What ever i did i try this with the old version with the start date and made the invoices befor this date also it is appear at the balance sheet
i try the way and the guide steel same problem

thank you

so what is the issue? balance sheet is supposed to show you the account balances as on the date you have set. so it shows the debit from your customer on the starting date because you have payments to receive from them.

instead of entering starting balances if you are simply making backlog entry of all sales transactions for which you have received payments, then you should enter the Receipts also in Manager.

the problem it is showing at retained earnings also not just accounts receivable

The problem maybe that you need to select the correct accounting basis (cash or accrual) in the Summary Screen “Edit” button and reports’ definitions.

No the problem i want to add opening balance for customer but i do not want this change the retained earnings only the accounts receivable

Set starting balances for all your accounts and you will see retained earnings will automatically come to the correct figure.

If your starting retained earnings is zero, then it means sum of all your starting balances is zero.

So just ignore retained earnings until you set starting balances for all your accounts.


thank you very much i will try it know

it is ok
thank you very much