Opening Balances in desktop version

I have just downloaded the Desktop version and can’t find anyway to add Opening Balances to any accounts. There is no Opening Balance report under reports or any conversion options under settings. How do I input the opening data I need? Thx in advance.

Read the Guide at Manager Cloud. Manager only shows reports associated necessary for other things you have enabled.

As this link is no longer valid, what is the answer on inputting the opening bank balance when using the DESKTOP version?

Before you can enter any starting balances you need to go Settings - Start Date and enter a date.

Then under the Cash Accounts tab - click “New Cash Account” and as part of the set up you can enter starting balances. For other Asset & Liability accounts go to Settings - Chart of Accounts.

For Customers & Suppliers read below

For inventory

The Starting balance icon is no longer showing in settings of our Manager.
Is it from your end?
The start date is set.
What do I do, for I have an account to submit and need to finalize my work this evening.

I noticed this 3 days back.


The starting balance scheme just changed 3 days ago. Read this Guide: Enter starting balances | Manager.