Open a current older dated manager file

When opeing manager it opens an older manager file rather one that has been saved last.

Example: on opening it will open ‘name removed’ (2020-01-31) (2020-02-15).manager instead of opening the last correct singular date ‘name removed’ (2020-02-20).manager.

How do I correct this.

Glenn Hall

the name of the business file remains the same after you import a backup irrespective of any new data entered. you can rename the business name if you want.
please read the guide Name or rename a business | Manager

the date on the business filename is the date the backup was created and not the last date of data entered.

Everything you quote in your response is correct but that does not solve my problem. I have downloaded the latest copy of Manager and installed but yet my problem of opening the correct file exist. Manager opens a file that reverts to journal entry of 09/19/2019 with 147 journal entries total. If I go to the backup files and click on the latest Manager file 2020/01/31 it will manually open the Manger file that has 165 journal entries. Complicated at best, but how do I get it to open the last Manager file that is correct.

The books were closed out at the end of 2019.

The company name is not the problem but opening the correct data file is the crux of the matter.

In preferences, which folder have you indicated as the Application Data folder? You should point it to the folder in which you’ve put the data file. See also Move desktop application data to another folder | Manager

You do not really close books in Manager. It is a perpetual system. Read the Guide.