Bug or normal?


Each time I backup manager my business name in the settings changes to the file name ie: Business XYZ(21-02-2017)

All the invoices then have “Business XYZ(21-02-2017)”, and each time I need to go in the settings and change the business name.

I tried to get the date removed from my backup but then on the next backup the date comes back again(which is normal) but the software reuse this new name as the business name.

Could anyone check their invoices to see if you have the same problem please?


The date stamp identifies the particular backup. But you shouldn’t be encountering this behavior on a regular basis for two reasons:

  1. Backups are meant for recovery of lost data or transfer of accounting files between platforms. It sounds like you are opening and using your backup for normal operations. There is no need.

  2. The changing of the business name to the file name only occurs if you haven’t entered a business name under Business Details in Settings. In other words, if you allowed Manager to name your business for you by only naming the file, not the business, it will continue to do so.

Yes you are right I was opening the backups thinking it was the right way forward.
Where is the actual data(not backed up) saved, any idea please?

Are you on the latest version of Manager?
Are you using Desktop or Server version?
For the Desktop version:

  1. On the open page, where you open a manger file, you will see on the right hand side, where the data file is saved.
    It is also listed next to the business name when the business is open.
  2. You can move this file if you wish. If you do, use the Open button to select it from the new location.
  3. When Manager starts it should display the list of business you have created. Just click on the business you wish to work on. You shouldn’t need to keep opening a business.

However, if your current edition is earlier the 17.4.0, then look under About Manger for the Application Path, this is the location of the live data files.