Back up

Manager has opened in previous back up date. How do I open at correct saved back up.

You need to explain more fully as to what has occurred.

Manager always opens as it was closed. It can only open at a backup date if you are restoring from a backup.

The last time I used Manager was on the 14.3.2017 and I backed up at the same time. Today when I opened Manager there is missing data from last session on the 14.3.2017. It appears Manager has opened with data from 09.3.2017.

Are you using desktop, server, or cloud edition?


On the face of it, It would appear that Manager didn’t shut down correctly.

So to recover to the 14th.

  1. Open your existing business and on the Summary tab rename it by adding “(old)” to the end of the title.
  2. Click on the Businesses tab across the top.
  3. Click on “Add Business” and “Import Backup” - browse to the backup location and select the file dated 14th.
  4. This should open that backup and then you can compare data.

Ok will carry out steps as provided.

As it happens, I just updated the guide on backup and restoration. You can see it here before it goes live on the web:

TY all for your help. Restored to previous back up and all is as it should be now. :slight_smile: