Only default document showing as an attachment in Email Tab

Only the default document shows as an attachment in the Email Tab. So to explain. When a document is emailed in Manager and additional documents are selected to go with the emailed Manager Document they do not all show up in the listed Email Tab entry, only the default Manager Document.
This creates a problem when reviewing sent Manager emailed information as there is no record of the other sent attachments. This used to not be the case.
Linux Server Version 21.11.1

On the upside when checking with the recipient the additional attachments have been received OK.

Could someone please confirm this is working correctly in say the latest version as we do not update the Manager environment frequently. I have added some pics to demonstrate the issue. Much appreciated.

Now if your go to the Email Tab to check up on historical mail sent the attachment are not there.

I believe that’s so the attachments don’t get duplicated.

I guess it’s not a bad idea to have static link for other attachments that you can unlink just in case the attachment gets deleted and the link doesn’t work anymore.

What do you mean by this? There is no duplication….


I believe that’s so the attachments don’t get duplicated

As far as I can tell, Manager isn’t an email client so all attachments you see in the emails tab are stored in Manager and it’s highly likely that email attachments and attachments from other tabs are stored separately.

I think we all know Manager is not an email client but at the core it logs transactions and documents. Here is a case where logging worked in the past and now not. These days storage is not an issue but what is an issue is efficiency and having to run around looking for stuff that magically disappears. So in the latest Edition / version does it behave as described above if so we hope it gets fixed.

I was never aware that this function was even there to begin with.

Yes it is horrible when when things work and then stop. Typically this would be a bug.

There is a worse problem that I will document in a separate bug report. Once you select the primary attachment, there is no way to navigate back to the main program.