Emailing Invoices with additional documents not showing under email tab

Hi this is not a major thing. Under the “Emails” Tab if additional documents have been emailed with an Invoice they are not shown as attachments when checking and viewing the email under the email tab. Only the emailed Invoice shows up as a document sent the other selected documents do not. The other documents and invoice are in fact sent and also received correctly by the recipient.

It would be great to have the other documents show up as well so that there is evidence that the selected attachments have in fact been sent with the invoice.

Linux Server Version 20.10.53

I put this into the ideas category.

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Added to the latest version (21.1.53)

Whatever you did @lubos it also fixed the sending email issues I reported quite some time ago and actually just hoped would be fixed in some future version. 21.1.53 server ed just did that. All businesses now having email functionality again without me changing any settings. Many thanks!

Functional thank you.