Email PDF Image/Icon not displayed

In the learn how to guide on the Email Tab page it says:
Click View next to any email to display it. You will see the text of the email and a PDF image or icon (depending on your email program and preferences) of the form or report that was emailed.

However on all the emails I have sent I only get the text of the email and cannot see either an PDF image or icon.

I use Apple Mail - has anyone else experienced this? Thanks

Yes, I am seeing this, too. I will elevate this as a bug. However, the transaction forms are being properly attached to the emails sent.

Can anyone confirm whether this is now happening with other operating systems or email programs?

i have never ever seen any PDF image or icon when viewing the email within Manager.
all i have and still see is the From: To: Date: and the defaults i have set under email templates.

i never had the need to check them in the Emails tab within Manager because i always receive a copy of the same on my email and it shows everything as intended there.

on 18.1.84 now. Windows 10 Pro.

No PDF image or icon within Manager 18.1.88 on Xubuntu 16.04.3

It’s not a problem for me as I have configured Manager to email me a copy of all emails it sends.

I have never seen anything apart fro what is pictured below since I started using Manager just over 12 months ago.

@VACUUMDOG, what operating system and email program?

Windows 10
Manager 18.1.89
Email program??? Using SMTP settings. Don’t know what you mean by ‘program’ as its built into Manager and is totally irrelevant to my email client, Thunderbird.

I meant our email client. It probably isn’t relevant, as you say, but I’m stupid enough not to know how Manager actually generates and/or displays the emails and whether your default client (program) might be involved.

I did ask once whether I could incorporate my email client but was told it was not possible or something to that effect, therefore I assume Manager completely bypasses my email client and uses one in the built in PDF converter.

Attachments were actually never available under Emails tab. It’s something I want to add pretty soon though so I’m moving this to ideas category instead.


The latest version (20.7.6) adds ability to view attachments under Emails tab.

Thanks for the update. I note having sent my first email with attachments since updating the Manager version that whilst the invoice I sent out is shown on the email tab as an attachment there is no reference to the document I also sent by ticking the box on the send email tab. A minor issue but it does indicate that only the invoice was sent and not the supporting documents which could be challenged should a dispute arise over the alleged non-receipt of the attachments.
I also copy the email to myself and can confirm that both the invoice and attachment were sent.