Payroll new Zealand

I haven’t had to worry about payroll but I have been asked to do payroll for someone. They have 1 employee. just wondering how everyone else manages this . what are some of the things they have on the payslip. do they record holiday pay owing or YTD stuff and how do they work out the tax etc. is there a free one that works out holidays etc and we just do the payslips in manager. Open to suggestions as I have not done it before.
The pays slips look basic I am assuming to enter other stuff like holidays owing we use a custom field

Forum reading suggests that accruals etc may be coming in the future. We have 2 employees and use E-PAYDAY’s FREEPAY which lets you have 2 employees. It tracks every thing. Note that the free version is not entitled to support. The guides are good and I managed to set it up and and electronically submit to the ATO. The payslip I then use to add the details to Manager to track wages and payments, super etc.

Hello use this link to calculate PAYE etc

Here are settings used for payslip

Turns out like this.


Just clone each week or month for next payslip and update the hours / leave etc and use the calculator in the link provided.

Never mind just took a day out and made my own in excel have the different gross covered as well as ietc credits and acc works perfect so now I can keep a record of every weeks stuff all I have to do is pick the person and enter the hours. I have an employee table with her details including rate ird number etc and a tax % table and a form to fill in work hours per employee