Tax report based on individual tax codes

Day to day in each country multiple Taxes are coming. At present in Manager anyone can create their required Tax Codes but the Report is not generating based upon Tax Codes (created by us). The single report is coming for all Tax Codes in this report we can’t differentiate based upon tax codes.

What is the name of the report you are looking at? Can you post some screenshot of what you see?

Tax Summary gives you break-down per tax-code.

Here you can observe for few Invoices i charged only VAT and another Invoice is having the Multiple taxes. how can i differentiate here.

As per my knowledge the solution for this issue is “at the time of creating the invoices we can able to apply only single Tax not multiple. If Multiple option will be there at that time the problem will solve.”

The report shows the breakdown by tax code but what you really want is a breakdown by tax component.

I will need to improve this report to go down to tax-component level.

When can we expect this feature.

Please bring this feature ASAP. Why because means every month end am wasting nearly one day for differentiating amount to Tax Component level and paying the taxes. Please Please Please…

I’m planning to do this soon but be fair and don’t say it takes you almost one day to calculate figures on tax component level.

If Tax Collected for ST 12.36% + VAT 5% is 436.60, then…

 ST 12.36% = 436.60 / 17.36 * 12.36 = 310.85
VAT  5.00% = 436.60 / 17.36 *  5.00 = 125.75

Is this one day work?

Actually i did another way. Thanks for suggesting the fastest method.

Lubos, I’ve searched the Forum and found several threads on multi-component taxes. But I can’t find anything that says you’ve implemented tax reports by component. That would be very helpful, since in USA each of the components is paid to a different taxing authority. Thanks.

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@pnmy009, Can you please explain your way of calculating this?

@lubos, can you please give a query that we can run to get component wise values? even if we could see the component name in the tax breakup (from summary), it would make life so much easier.

I know it’s #2 on priority but i was just trying to make ends meet. Thanks.