Reusing existing bank transactions

When you’re doing various things in Manager, for example marking an invoice as paid, adding a transfer, etc. it automatically creates new transactions in the bank section for you. It would be amazing if Manager could allow you to select the appropriate transaction from your already imported transactions to convert.

So for example I use a separate account to save for tax, each month I do a transfer to that account and it appears in my statement. I’d love to be able to mark that existing transaction as a transfer between my “Current” and “Tax” accounts within Manager, rather than delete what was on my statement and re-add it as a transfer.

Same applies to received payments from clients.

I know what you mean but as per bank transfers, if you import your bank statements you can simply create new equity account under “Chart of Accounts” called “Intra-company transfers” and then categorize any internal transfers with this general ledger account.

I like your idea of Manager being a bit smarter and rather than creating new bank transaction, it could search for suitable transactions first. I will first implement “Bank Rules” plugin which might solve this problem from the other end. On import, those bank transactions could be automatically matched with bills, invoices etc. therefore completely avoiding this problem. Right?

That would be even better, yeah. :smile:

Just wondering, has this feature been added? It’s a really exciting idea, but I can’t find it anywhere in the latest version of Manager.

Did this feature ever get implemented?

I see you’ve added a few new bank related features, but this is one area I really struggle with when using Manager day to day.

Happy to implement myself, if there’s any way to add new plugins externally. :smiley:

I’m planning to implement this. For the time being, you can use bulk-categorization which has been implemented (after you import your bank statement, Manager will offer you to do bulk-categorization if you have any uncategorized bank transactions).

Bank rules is the next logical enhancement to this so don’t worry, it’s coming.