One Company with many outlets in different location

My company has more than 3 outlets in different city. which do selling and delivery , same database of products but different customers.
Head Quarter do the buying but the outlets do the selling only. and they have some expense.
My concern is if I make one company only , there will be a problem, when they are about to print selling invoice, and call the customers, there will be many from drop down database. (They have to scroll the long list database which is not from their location.)

So i open separate company accounts for separate locations.
But i have to combine the date when submit the tax returns.

But i want to make one company only, with many outlets.

Please advise

  1. If i make only one company and let the different outlets use the same company, but i want them to see their customers only for their location. And to see inventory for their warehouse only.
  2. When they issue invoice, i want the program to deduct the stock from the related warehouse .

Thank you.

You cannot limit the customer list by outlet.

You can track, purchase, receive, sell, and delivery inventory by location, but you can’t prevent various outlets from seeing all inventory items. After all, what if one outlet is out of stock but another has stock available. Do you want to lose the sale, or offer to ship from another location?

You seem to understand the choices. There are no magic alternatives. You must make a business decision based on which approach you think would be most effective.

Tut, thank you for prompt reply.
So how about customer list, can you make is separate for different location. because some location has thousands, but some has hundred, and my intention is not to confuse the local outlets (or make them quicker) who is going to choose the customer from the drop down list.
please advise for this issue.

I already answered this question. You cannot have separate customer lists if both locations are set up as the same business.

If you want separate businesses, you can copy the customer list from one to the other using batch operations, then delete the unwanted customers.

I am wondering are all these customers credit customers ie you issue an invoice and get paid some time later or are they cash sales ie paid for at the time of delivery?

I ask because if you have 1,000s of customers do you need to keep track of the individual invoices or are you just making a lot of work for yourself.