Buy and sell from multiple stores at the same time

Dear Sir,

Is it possible to make an amendment for each of the purchase invoices, sales invoices, receipt voucher and exchange voucher?
So that we can buy and sell from multiple stores at the same time


You have two options. The stores can be set up as divisions or inventory locations. You can combine those features, as well. There are Guides about both.

It looks like you have already started using inventory locations. Create a test business where you can experiment and determine the approach that best supports your needs and work practices.

Dear Tut ,

I already use the program at work instead of excel spreadsheets
But while making any movement of the goods, he had to divide it into several bills
Each site has an invoice, and this consumes more time and effort, especially with the multiple sites of goods

Ah, so your issue is not whether you can buy and sell from multiple stores, but whether you can do so on the same transaction form.

You cannot do that. Transactions allow only one inventory location to be specified.

I am not going to say the capability could not be added. But it could lead to enormous confusion, because several factors are involved, including:

  • Whether an inventory item exists in stock, and where.
  • Whether inventory is enroute, and to where.
  • Whether goods receipts and delivery notes are in use.
  • Whether specific inventory items in a transaction are designated for receipts and deliveries to be tracked (if goods receipts and/or delivery notes are used). This is an item by item designation.
  • Whether inventory items are assigned to divisions and, if so, whether the transaction is allocated to a division. This is also an item by item description.

The net result is that outcomes of line by line location choices could be unexpected or invisible, yet still have consequences. Overall, it would be very easy for a user to completely lose track of the situation and be unable to diagnose the problem.