Different invoice address and track the transactions in one PO account

I have the following situation.

A company with one PO account with different location.

If am employee purchase i have to bill on his name and on his location irrespeative of the PO account Address.

But still possible to track the trancation on PO Account.

How can I acheiv that?

Thank you

You can’t have a master Customer account. You can only group the locations together via the name or using codes

That means the billing address cant be also different right.

All sales invoices has to be on same adress right?

No, you could set up each location as a separate Customer - you just can’t combine the separate locations into one master Customer

Can I use the tracking option for that?
What i need is mainly the account balance.

I have tried but on generating reports, i couldnt see the individual transactions.

You can type into billing address any address you like. So yeah, you can issue multiple invoices to the same customer with different billing addresses.

Thank you for the suggestion, but here the problem what i see is the Name goes to the main company instead of sub.

is there any solution for that?

Not sure what it means. Are you saying the customer name should be shown on invoice at all and only what’s entered in Billing address field should be shown?

I think they are saying that with that solution the Customer name stays as the Parent business name and doesn’t allow for the subsidiary business name to be used in association with changed billing address.

Why not put the subsidiary name as the first line of the billing address?

Yes you are right. Parent company name is showing up in first line.

I was thinking abiut the same solution to put the subsidary company name on line 2. but the client is very strict about the address format.

Subsidary name
Employee name

Parent company name should not be there if subsidary company oders eventhough the amoubt goes to main company account.

Depending on the volume, perhaps you could just change the Customer name/employee/address for each delivery, then change to Parent company for Statements etc.

Alternatively, set up all the locations as individual Customers then at month end - edit each invoice and re-point the Invoice to the Parent company Customer account.

You may also have to face the fact that some customers’ requirements for invoice submission are so strict that you have to prepare a custom invoice for them, or submit online on their system, or submit on their template, etc. Invoicing governments is often like that.

In such a case, it is probably not be worth the effort to force Manager to produce what the customer demands. Create a standard Manager sales invoice and transcribe the information to a mock invoice in the form the customer wishes to see it (in Word or Excel, for example). You get all the benefits of tracking things through your accounting system and the customer gets what they want. Plus, you get credit for following their instructions.