Old version Vs New Version

Good day
I have Cloud addition and last month you could choice whether it’s a Payment or Receipt after you import the csv file of your bank transactions but no when you import a bank statement on the same format its still going to the uncategorized tab but when you click on it all transactions is on receipts but most of the imported file needs to be payments.

Why does this happen?

Based on the content of your bank’s statement, Manager tries to determine whether a transaction is a withdrawal or deposit. But standards are vague and not enforced by anyone. Your bank may have changed its format.

The CSV file should have the following 5 columns with the names as specified in the guides:

Under “Amount” anything that was a Payment should have a minus in front such as -1,200 and anything that was a Receipt should just be a positive number such as 1200.

When you import such CSV Bank statement in Manager it would allocate them as payments and receipts accordingly. If no bank rule exists for any of the payment nor receipt entries that allocate them to an account in your Chart of Accounts then they will be shown as uncategorized. So you would have to categorize for example a receipt for sales of a widget to the Sales income account or a payment for petrol to a Petrol expense account.

Manager allows you to create rules so that by next import it will prompt a batch update to which account each receipt and payment should be categorized to.