Expenses not deducting when imported bank statements

first time i tried importing bank statement .it asked me to edit around 13 transactions some of them r duplicating the transactions which i already mentioned so i deleted those new imported transactions.

and some of the transactions which were imported for example bank charges are not deducted from the bank account.

in the above picture, all transactions marked with black colour are imported from bank statement and green colour is manually created transaction by me.

black coloured transactions are not deducting like expenses, it is adding up.

i double checked if there is any bank charges account in income, i have bank charges only in expense account.

So what you’re saying, bank charges are being imported as receipts, not as payments right?

In what format did you do bank statement import? You might send that file to support@manager.io

sent, please check your mail

@lubos What I found about Manager’s bank import feature, it does not differentiate between bank receipt and bank payment. When I try to fix it, is impossible in edit view to change bank receipt to bank payment. you might need to have the indicator whether is money out or money in. for Manager to recognize it, something like column for Money amount in and amount out or - (negative symbol) to differentiate. currently there is only one column as per your guide.

File format csv

I don’t expect it to be the same for next implementation. But I hope at least the batch import has those debit credit column + tag column to differentiate which account to be posted to for bank rules.

Current workaround if its bank receipt I had to negative it. Althought I think there will be implication that I might not know of.

Update: Something interesting and annoying about the bank transaction. interesting enough for bank receipt to change to bank payment you just need ‘-’ infront of the digit for example 300 to -300. By common knowledge, When you spend money normally by default the form shows bank payment and the amount are safely inserted with positive amount and manager still see it as money out. The annoying part you have bank payment with negative amount and positive amount which misrepresenting the document if see by other audience. @tut please elevate this as bug

I am not elevating this as a bug. It has already been announced that CSV imports for bank statements are going to be eliminated from the program because of all the problems caused.

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Bank Transactions and Cash Transactions tabs will go through some minor changes to clear this issue up.

For example, instead of two separate forms “Bank Receipt” and “Bank Payment”, there will be just one “Bank Transaction”.

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I assume there will be the need negative ‘-’ symbol to import the bank statements ‘batch create/update’ to deduct from bank accounts? or there will be different format instead ‘amount’ column there will be ‘debit’ ‘credit’ or ‘In’ ‘out’ column?