How import bank statement differentiate amount received and amount paid?

Is there a new format to import bank statement amount received and amount paid?

Coz, currently, when i tried to import bank statement amount received with positive amount, once imported, it shown under amount paid/ negative amount, and i need to manually change it.

What is the format of your import file?
Are you using bank rules to select an account?
Some screen images of the data would be helpful

Here with the file format…
Yes, Im using the bank rules to select account.

I think in the csv file receipts should be positive and payments negative as there is only one column for the amount

or maybe the other way around

I dont use import but I did a test using a few transactions and receipts are +ve, payments are -ve

Yes, I think that too…

but once i had imported the transactions to the system, it automatically change the positive amount to amount paid column.

However, if i import one transaction, it is working.

Is there any bugs or coding problems???

csv file:

After Imported:

@harward, CSV imports give the most problems, because there are no standards and banks format them however they wish. If your bank offers any other format for exporting statements, try them.