Office365 Email Settings in the desktop app


I am using the desktop app to explore the features of before I buy the server edition, Now i am trying to connect the app to my office365 account but it’s not working.

I am sure my credentials are not wrong because I tested them to log in to my account from the browser, also I have tried both ports 25 & 578 but I get different error for each port

Port 25

Port 578

the message here is saying the server requires secure connection but i am not sure if i have to install SSL or what exactly i am supposed to do to make it works.

Any suggestions?

Works for me using port 587 as it says in the guide Microsoft Office 365 | Manager

Desktop version 22.1.8, Windows 10 Home

Did you update the settings before trying the test?

yes i did updated the settings,

i have desktop 22.1.3, windows 10 home

The link Enable or disable SMTP AUTH in Exchange Online | Microsoft Docs mentioned in the error message might be applicable

You haven’t said what kind of Office365 email you are using - business, exchange server, individual, …

Yes, read the corresponding guide and search the forum. :wink:

I’ve been searching in the forum and googling for 2 hours so I am not waiting for such a genius answer thnx :wink:

What sort of Office 365 account are you using - is it a corporate account using Exchange server or is it a private account?

i did this but it wasn’t working, but it worked now after I removed my current version and upgraded to 22.1.10, you made me notice that there is a new version when you said u have 22.1.8 so thanks for inspiring me with the solution :handshake:

When you are asking for help, you should ALWAYS include your current version number

ok, I will take this into consideration in any future questions … thnx