Invoice calculation error

Dear @lubos , please image below

Show the whole edit screen. Maybe there is rounding in the line items somewhere.


Yap. As I thought so. Your Supplier Original Invoice and Excel Calculation are based on calculating the VAT Amount on the end, on total of all line items. But Manager calculates VAT per line item, then rounds it to 2 decimals and ads up. There is the difference. Almost all computer account programs calculate like this.

this means , i should put 3 decimal places to fix this ?

I suggest you check what your tax departments legal requirements are.
In Australia accounting software

  • can round line items to software specified precision (which Manager does).

  • Rounding must then be done at the invoice level to legal tender (Which Manager never needs to do due to the line item precision chosen).

What ever you put Manager will round to 2 decimals. So there is no easy 1:1 conversion in case when one is calculating tax at the end and doing rounding then, and calculating tax per line item (Manager) and just adding up. In situations like this we do a correction entry of the rounding difference in the invoice.
Also you may try this Guide.

In Australia both supplier and purchaser must calculate GST with rounding methodology as specified however the calculation do not have to be equal (because their software can use different rounding precision at line item level). So no correction would be required in @sarwat example.