Bug with decimal places for withholding tax

Maybe there is a valid reason for this. I am not a hardcore accountant.

I get extra decimal points after calculating the Withholding tax but for purposes of invoicing and sharing statements with the customer, I need to work with 2 decimal places.

Is there a plan to have this decimal points issue resolved ?

I can duplicate this bug. It occurs only with exact amount withholding. I have moved the post to its own topic and placed it into the bugs category.

Thanks for the quick response!

You are right. I did a bulk import and had the witholding tax amounts already calculated on excel. I have tried to truncate and do a bulk update but that was also not successful.

The problem is that the withholding tax figure is ignoring the number of decimal places set for the currency in the Settings tab.

Thanks. Fixed in the latest version (20.5.9)

Yes noted it is fixed in the cloud version. thanks.