Number format changed

I’ve been using Manager for a while now and suddenly, a custom field that has been working ok, has suddenly changed format. I store phone numbers in my customer list, but now it has changed to a comma-separated
filed like the attached. Is that a quick way of putting this back please to a zero prefixed number without commas?

I think the Number Type should be kept unformatted as before and an additional Monetary Value should be used for monetary amounts formatted according to preferences.

For now you can work around this by switching the custom field type to Single line text and this should sort you out.

Just out of curiosity, why don’t you already use text for phone numbers? This way you can add dashes, spaces and plus sign.

You cannot if you have designated the field as a number. Typically, phone number fields should be formatted as text, as they do not follow numeric formatting.

OK, thanks for your replies, I will change it to a text field. although this complicates exporting to a spreadsheet. What I don’t understand is that this has suddenly changed, it has worked fine up until a recent update.

How? And why is that important to you? What spreadsheet accepts cell content formatted like a telephone number and treats it as a number? In my experience, a spreadsheet app would default to treating that sort of content as a text string.

I have a macro that runs on a spreadsheet that prefixes the cell data containing the telephone number with a ’ which retains the format of the leading zero.I then use this to print labels.
I have found a way round it

Well, @bartona, it sounds to me like converting this custom field to text would make things easier all around. You should be able to skip the macro. Since you are printing labels, your printer is handling this data as text already. Start with text and you will have what you need.