Number formatting

I would like to change my number format from this display R 123 456 789,00 to R 123 456 789.00.

On my settings I cannot seem to find the formatting I want.

The options you see are the only ones available.

Thank you for your response.

I use the 2nd number format option: R123,456.78 and am happy with the commas instead of spaces. At least the decimal is a point and not a comma.


I managed to go back into my history and undo Date and time settings. They are now reverted back to the original settings R123 46.78. It makes easy when I export to excel. I do not have to remove the comma and replace it with a fullstop.

I haven’t had your problem with pasting into Excel. I think it’s because I always change my Regional settings on my computers so that they don’t follow the official South African format and rather use a decimal point (not comma) and I use commas for 1000 separators, not gaps. I’ve always been able to paste from Manager into Excel without any issues.


Settings on my excel uses space a separators and . (decimal point). Any other settings i will have to find and replace

While that is one solution, it is probably easier to use the function

and to go in the other direction