Notes section in invoice

Notes in invoice we put in to 5 lines(Our bank details) but today its showing in a running text only in two lines …why its showing like this?

Have you checked Settings - Business Details to see if the 5 line address is still ok there ?

Yes I checked its in 5 line

Sorry friends, it is not contact details… it is Notes…:slight_smile:

Try the latest version, it should be working. But quick fix is to use <br /> tag to force new lines… so instead of having:

line 1
line 2
line 3

you can try:

line 1<br />
line 2<br />
line 3

Thank you Iubos,
we are using cloud version…
now we add details inside the template html and put break tag now its showing properly…
before we add details in a note box under the invoice layout.