Note text box in invoices issue

Is it note text box in invoice having issue? previously before update latest version, i can show my words in paragraph. but once i update to latest version, all my paragraph word become one line, it cant show as what i type in the note with paragraph

What version are you currently using? There was an issue but it has been resolved a few days ago.

mac version, 16.5.42

Can you show some screenshots how is text entered into text field and what is shown on invoice?

previously invoices print

  1. payment term is xxxxxx
  2. delivery date at xxxx
  3. stock arrive…

then now is look like this when print in invoices

  1. payment term is xxxxxx2. delivery date at xxxx3. stock arrive…

I’m not able to reproduce this issue in the version you are using. You can post some screenshots or send me an accounting file demonstrating this issue to

are you means send my database on manager?

Your backup database or you can create dummy database which demonstrates the issue.

sent to ur email already.

but this thing only happen when i apply template, if i take out the template, it work fine

OK, in that case you need to make an adjustment to your HTML template…

instead of variable {{ notes }}, you need to write {{ notes | newline_to_br }}