Notes on Invoice spacing


When i create a sales quote and enter notes, the text spacing is small i.e. between each paragraph.

When i create a sales invoice and enter notes the text spacing is much larger?

Would it be possible to have the small text spacing in sales invoice the same as quote?


The first issue is inconsistency which I’m going to address early next month by having all the “views” processed through view templates (not just sales invoices).

I think the issue is that Notes field on invoice is processed through Markdown. Markdown will wrap each line into a paragraph (that’s the reason for wide spacing between lines). You could possibly wrap the notes into <p> tag and then use <br> tags to break lines. This would override Markup default behavior.


<p>I'm a note<br />and this is second line<br />and this is third line</p>


Thanks Lubos I will have a look and will try and give it a go.

Have to say its been very interesting researching and learning about HTML I’m still not great yet but will get there! Manager has tought me a lot.