Not working after latest update

Hey I have been using this amazing software since the past 2 years. But now after updating to the latest version it just would not open.
i was previously using 19. something version (i cant remember exactly) and now I have updated to 20.8.57. The update was successful but now as i click on the Manager app it does not open, nor is there any error message.
I m using Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit.
I tried troubleshooting and the error it showed over there was Incompatible application.
Please i need some help as I have all my business data over there and the last update it of 31st July 2020.

Can you post a screen image of the error message?

It could be a problem with your version of .Net or a missing Windows 8 update

here is the image.

thanks for the reply, but i have just updated the .net(windowsdesktop-runtime-3.1.7) from microsofts site. Is this what you were saying?


The latest version of .Net each version of Windows supports is listed here

Hey you saved the day…thanks problem solved. Updated the .net framework.
Thanks again.

Thanks alot just got it and its working again…

btw off the topic i was just wondering if there is any way one can see the stock in hand of the products while making the invoice? i dont know where to post this question so just posted it here.

You can open another window to Manager and look but Manager doesn’t check for you. It is in the ideas

ok thanks

When you have an unrelated question, start a new topic (unless there is already a topic open on that subject). Diverting topics reduces your chance of obtaining help.

My bad, Noted. Thank you

That’s a very “helpful” system message. (/sarcasm directed to the windows “tool” not manager).

Glad you got it resolved.