Manager Desktop is not loading after installation

I downloaded the latest version Manager 20.8.27 from you site. I have backup of my 3 years data. I actually reinstall my Windows 8 pro because of some corrupt system files and slow performance. In my old Windows, everything was going good while using Manager Desktop. I think I had a few months old version of Manager Desktop Which I was using daily for my business accounts. So, when I reinstalled operating system and downloaded latest version 20.8.27, I found that after installing, I couldn’t even see anything while loading the program. When I opened task manager and again tried to load the program, I could see the process of the program for couple of seconds and then it disappeared on its own. I am not understanding that what’s going on. Please help me. I am using it since 3 years and it is a big harm to my business accounts which I can’t afford.

First, make sure you updated Manager according to this Guide: Install or update desktop edition on Windows | Manager.

Second, make sure your .net software is up to date for your version of Windows. There are recent forum discussions about this. You may need to be on Windows 8.1.

What exactly do you mean by this? What did you expect to see while “loading” the program? And what do you mean by “loading?” Are you referring to launching the application? Or are you referring to some aspect of installing the application?

I have installed the program according to the guide you referred. I’m on windows 8.1 and during installation I didn’t get any error message referring to dotNET framework so everything took place normally while installing the program. The issue starts while launching the program, I mean when I double click the icon of the program to launch it, I don’t see anything happening except a process which appears in task manager for a couple of seconds and then disappears on its own. Pardon my English, as I’m basically Urdu speaker so I’d appreciate if there is anyone who could guide me in my own native language i.e Urdu.

Your English is just fine. I would check on .net version, even though you got no error message. No one else who has had trouble because of outdated .net framework has mentioned error messages either. But when they update .net, their Manager problems disappear. (You will not be able to update to the current version of .net. Search the forum—there was a discussion of what the highest version compatible with Windows 8.1 is.)

Thanks it works now. I updated the highest version of dotNET framework which was compatible for windows 8.1
Now I see that the sales invoice report is little bit changed. In earlier version of manager desktop the totals in sales invoice were shown right under the “Amount” column but in recent version the totals show under the “Qty” column as you can see in the attached image. I mean it looks a bit weird. Is there any solution for this?

Have a look at this thread

Not according to your screen shot. The positioning of the totals fields has not changed. They should still be at the far right.