Manager desktop stopped working error

Dear all ,

any help with the following error

i need urgent help … this happened after update my version

You need to furnish much more information. What did you do to trigger this error? Did you follow this Guide when updating: Install or update desktop edition on Windows | Manager? You will notice this error was thrown by Windows, not by Manager.

i did the update from the website not from the link in the E-mail … also, i uninstalled the Manager and installed it again but the same error … yes i believe that the problem is from the windows not the manager … i appreciate if you can help me to fix it as i am using the manger on a daily basis it is very important


Not sure if this is going to help but try it and let see.

Download and install the latest .Net from microsoft. Download .NET Framework | Free official downloads restart the pc and and try again. Download 4.8

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Dear Abeiku,

thanks a million the Manager is working perfectly now after updating the framework as your advise … appreciate your help

@Tut can you update the topic to help future users with the same problems when they search the forum?

With ManagerDesktop has stopped working or something.

@lubos had previously included the instruction in the error message itself. not sure if it is still included with latest releases.